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March 5, 2012

The Transition is Well Alive and Kickin'

By: Sebastian Kurfürst

Some clarifications for the recent comments on the Version Numbering Discussion

Hey everybody,

while reading through the long list of comments of Xavier's blog post, I figured out that some facts might have been misinterpreted.

Some people think that renaming TYPO3 Phoenix to "TYPO3 SomeNewName" would effectively, in the long run, create two CMS systems. However, this is not true at all: I, and many core team members I've talked to on the T3BOARD, we are very much committed to the transition of TYPO3 v4 to TYPO3 Phoenix; in the same way as we promised it in the Berlin Manifesto.

While it is true that TYPO3 can use major version numbers to show breaking changes or major improvements, the features of TYPO3 will still converge with TYPO3 Phoenix, and everybody of us knows that Phoenix will be the successor for the current TYPO3.

Still, being able to increase the major version of TYPO3 v4 can help to make bigger changes more visible. As an example: We're currently refactoring the TypoScript rendering for TYPO3 Phoenix (presented at T3BOARD12), and it might very well be possible to backport parts of it to TYPO3 v4. To highlight this change, we might decide to put out a new major version. (This is just an example, it is not decided whether the TS Rendering will actually be backported.)

The package contents do not change, only the label of the packaging changes ;-)

All the best,


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