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April 29, 2013

Your questions are welcome!

Category: TYPO3

By: Olivier Dobberkau

Looking for your Questions about the future of content management systems!

I have suggested a panel discussion for the TYPO3 Conference in San Francisco and now I need you valuable input for it.

Help me finding out by sending your questions to the experts.

This is my synopsis for the panel:

"CMS Panel: Quo vadis TYPO3?

After more than 10 years of presence in the market TYPO3 CMS its time to have an outlook on where content management will be heading. What are the major needs of a typical CMS deployment nowadays and what will they be in the next years?

This CMS experts panel consisting of speakers of the TYPO3 Conference will discuss the actual state of the different products of the TYPO3 ecosystem. What is on the Roadmap? How should stakeholders decide on how to continue their CMS efforts in their organizations.

What are the upcoming Trends? How is TYPO3 adopting them? We will try to keep the hype out! Join us for a deeper look into the excellent ideas of the TYPO3 Community Members!"

I will invite the present speaker to join the panel in the next 21 days, so they can prepare for your questions.

Just add your question as a comment here or send them to my e-mail address:

Thank you!


PS: We will try to record the audio of the panel for you


comment #1
Gravatar: Charles Coleman Charles Coleman May 1, 2013 00:08
1. PHP vs RoR. What is trending future of PHP vs RoR and its impact on CMS's. It seems that RoR is still growing in the USA's Applications community and wonder what others that are more "in the know" could comment about.

2. Developer Community. TYPO3 is open source and I love that... but sometimes it is toooo open source to the point of discouraging any 3rd part vendors from making public paid extensions. A successful example of open source mixed with high quality paid vendor extensions is Magento. Is there no way that you could bring the innovation that comes along with a community like that? I have been put in a pinch more than once because of seemingly well supported and downloaded TYPO3 extensions being abandoned due to developers running out of time/money. When there's a successful paid extension, the possibilities of that happening can decrease since the developers are being compensated. Please just explore this general topic!

3. Integration. This seems to be the wave in the CMS community. Yes, there are lots of popular today and "so last year" tomorrow apps out there, but grant it... even YOU have really over-evaluated two possible pieces of software entirely based on integration with current tools you are using... Google Apps/Outlook/Salesforce/Sugar CRM/Mailchip/Highrise HQ/Basecamp/WordPress for blogging integration/Magento/Various Amazon stuff/YouTube/Quickbooks/FreshBooks/etc. I believe the future of TYPO3 CMS could be brightened if there were some development hours spend in creating connectors for some of the popular apps out there. I hate WordPress, but due to the lack of TYPO3 integration in many of these areas, I have been forced to use it. Modern CMS's have a broad set of integrations with other apps out there.

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