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Florian Weiss

Besides the part-time work for a local Austrian pool hall chain (Homepage, in-house programming, infrastructure plans, etc.) and part-time teaching at a local school (Web technologies and project management) I work as a freelancer to keep me occupied.

I've been around since Typo3 3.X - writing buzz articles about my experiences with Neos was recommended by members of the famous and friendly #typo3 channel on freenode.

As soon as my progress with Neos allows it, you can find my new virtual home at:




May 19, 2015 Something TYPO3 and Neos X - Building Bridges

Although one could have speculated on whether or not it would eventually happen - the news hit like a truck: "TYPO3 project focuses on TYPO3 CMS, Neos to start its own community". The T3A started an ambitious attempt...

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