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June 23, 2008 New mailing list TYPO3-Performance

TYPO3 is the base of lots of comprehensive web application, thus the involved software stack will be the target on performance optimization. For this reason a new dedicated mailing list was created

Category: Luc de Louw

August 13, 2007 Is the TYPO3 community 13337?

If you ask yourself if the TYPO3 community is l33t (leet=elite), here is the definitive proof. Read further and get some statistics about the community.

Category: Luc de Louw

July 31, 2007 Upgrade of the NNTP and list server succeded

The upgrade of the NNTP and mailing list server has been successful. Some cleanups are still in progress

July 30, 2007 Scheduled outage of the nntp and list server

On Tuesday, 2007-07-31 14:00 UTC (16:00 CEST) the NNTP (Newsgroups) and mailing list server will be upgraded.

June 23, 2007 SPAM reduced by about 60 to 70% [Updated]

The filters implemented today are working quite nice. The first milestone is reached.

Category: Luc de Louw

June 20, 2007 Next steps to stop SPAM on the TYPO3 lists

So what are the next actions to take to keep SPAM away from the mailing lists? Basic pre-queueing filters and Spamassassin.

Category: Luc de Louw

June 20, 2007 Taking over responsibility for the mailing lists

An introduction about me and my planned work for the mailing list server and what I'm going to blog here