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Blogging introduction

So you got your new username and password right now and want to get started blogging? Great! Please read this page first, then you will have all the information needed to get you started.


When writing new entries to your blog, make sure the Category is set correctly to your name. This is needed for all posts. Currently, you cannot set other categories yet.

External Blogging tool

If you don't want to log in into the TYPO3 backend for writing a blog entry, we suggest that you use Performancing, which is a firefox plugin.

To configure it,

  • add a new Blog
  • click Manual configuration
  • Set the "blogging service" to Custom blog
  • Set MetaWeblog API as Blog system type
  • The Server API url needs to be set like that:
  • Enter your username and password then
  • Make sure to select your name as "Category" every time you post a new item to your blog.
  • If you want to write newlines, you need to add <br> in performancing.

Have fun!

Introduce yourself

It would be nice if you introduced yourself shortly, you can use a little text content element above the news plugin. Maybe add the URL to your homepage or a small picture. This will make the blogging platform more personal :-)

Have fun blogging!