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April 12, 2013 Software architecture and design in Agile

Last Wednesday (10.04.2013) we provided a webinar '12 principles of Agile that make it extremely successful'. After that webinar there was one interesting question I want to answer here. This might be interesting to TYPO3...

Category: Agile

March 26, 2013 12 principles of Agile that make it extremely successful

This is one hour free webinar about Agile principles for software development. About Webinar When: April 10th 2013 (Wednesday)How long: 1 hourHow much: free of chargeLanguage: EnglishWho...

Category: Agile

February 1, 2013 How Kaizen works in software development

I guess everybody understands how improvements are important in this fast changing IT world. Have you heard the word Kaizen? It stands for "improvement", or "change for the better". This...

Category: Agile

January 9, 2013 How often do you use Agile (SCRUM or Kanban) in your TYPO3 projects?

Several days ago I posted an article "The truth about TYPO3 and Agile". After that post I had a positive feedback from a lot of TYPO3 people. I see that TYPO3 community is really interested in Agile...

Category: Agile

January 4, 2013 The truth about TYPO3 and Agile

During the last two years I participated T3CON the TYPO3 conference in Gemany two times. It was really great events. I met great people inspired by the TYPO3 project and TYPO3 community. I talked to many people and I was...

Category: Agile