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Community Working Group

In a body as large as the TYPO3 project, conflict is inevitable. Often conflict is simply a result of several parties trying to contribute with best intentions but disagreeing on details. The CWG can help to resolve such conflicts if necessary, enable teams to learn from each other and it supports the community in applying the TYPO3 Community Code of Conduct as a guideline for their contributions.

Our vision for the Community Working Group is a group of community members who come together based on merit, meaning contributions they made earlier to the social dynamics of the TYPO3 community.

Obviously there is need for guidelines for being part of this group and we will review the members once in a while if they are active and still enthusiastic about it. These kind of guidelines are true for any group/team and it could or would be a good occasion to write such guidelines for teams in general. It is not about rules, but about guidelines. We also want to work without any budget from the TYPO3 Association for the time being.

The Community Working Group will focus on the following topics:

  • Team Communication/Interaction
  • Motivation
  • Code of Conduct
  • Diversity
  • Happiness
  • Values like trust, openness, sharing and inspiring (guarding 'Inspiring People To Share')‚Äč

We invite you to discuss our idea and leave as many comments as possible!

April 18, 2014 CWG: April 14, 2014

We agree that we communicate through a buzz account for the community working group. We will communicate every meeting we have as soon as possible. The CWG discusses the open communiction style of the server team. We strive to...

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