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January 20, 2010

Inside News from the January Board Conference

Category: Boarding, please

By: Peter Proell

Event Calendar – Consultancy Listing – Twitter – Phone & Fax – General Assembly - Some Photos – T3CON – Evolving Events – YouTube – Boskoop in Munich

Hey there, this is the monthly inside report right from the last board conference with all the news.

Event Calendar

Our event calendar is finally online. You can access it via a link in the event section or directly via this link: Please add all TYPO3 related events here. If you have feedback please send a mail to info(at) or leave a comment right here in the blog.

Consultancy Listing

On there is a consultancy listing. This listing will be revised when we launch the new and sites. In detail the requirements to get listed will change. The target is to have a better and sexier listing which gives more details for visitors, at the same time displays case studies along with references and therefore help in TYPO3 marketing and the new requirements will make it easier for qualified agencies to get listed. Stay tuned for more infos on this issue!


The twitter channel now follows other official TYPO3 channels after approval by the board. The first channel we follow is the channel of the TYPO3 security team. If your team runs an official team channel get in touch with me (info(at)

Phone & Fax

Communications are getting better and better and we even pick up “old style” communication channels. There will be an official phone and a fax line to contact the TYPO3 Association. The phone line will be an answering machine by now though. Both channels will go directly in our ticketing system just like the emails to info(at) to be handled by the contact team. The ticket system is widely adopted by the TYPO3 Association teams and so we can easily forward requests to the server administration team, to the accounting and membership team, to the press people or to the marketing team. If your team wants to use the ticket system, too, you are very welcome. Please contact me at info(at)

GA in Hamburg

The general assembly is coming up in March. It will take place in Hamburg. There also will be a question and answer session. For details, dates and times have a look in our brand new event calendar. There will be quite some news about how budget decisions will be handled in future, about new and revised structures within the TYPO3 Association and last but not least we hold a vote on three board positions (chairman, vice-chairman, secretary). As the vote is valid for two years you have to bear me for at least one more year ;-). Same for Adrian (treasurer) and Søren (first assessor, press spokesman).

Some photos

Oh, and we finally managed to get some photos of the board and steering committee people online. So for all of you who do not know us by now … just have a look in the about section of the site.


If you not already noted down the dates and times for the upcoming T3CON10 in Dallas as well as in Frankfurt, do so. They are fixed! The site for the Dallas conference is online at and the Frankfurt site will follow soon. Did I mention that we have an event calendar with all the dates at ;-). You'll find the dates for T3DD10 as well.

Evolving Events

Events … yes, we also had some first thoughts of evolving and revolving the T3CON and the T3DD events. Just a brainstorming yet. But ideas are pretty thrilling already. If you have good ideas concerning the events we are happy for your feedback. Feedback as usual: down here as a comment or via email to ….? Yes, certainly: info(at)


After some attempts we are happy to announce that we got hold of the YouTube channel There is nothing in there yet (we just managed to get hold of it some days ago), but we will put the podKasts of last year online pretty soon and of course all upcoming podKasts can be found there, too.

Boskoop in Munich

Finally we are about to prepare our next “Boskoop meeting”, a meet up of the steering committee and board. This will take place in Munich on May, 10th and 11th . For this meeting we are still looking for a location. We need at least one conference room (15 persons) from 10th-11th of May 2010 from 9-19h, cool would be another room for 6 persons for the same two days. If your agency/company is located in Munich and would like to host this meeting, please contact me at info(at)

This was a small extract from our January board conference which took place last Monday. We are very happy for any kind of feedback. Stay tuned for more infos.

All the best and fair winds!


comment #1
Gravatar: maholtz maholtz January 20, 2010 13:45
I just wanted to give you some feedback:)

The event calendar is a good step forward, i really like it.
But i think it should be placed on I think not many people know (But i believe it will happen with the relaunch:)

And really nice would be an ics/ical-export.

The extension sfpevents seems not to be in forge - i think it would be a good idea to use open extensions. So if some wants - f.e. ical-export, you could send them a notice: just code it:)

The photos of the board and steering committee people was another good step. I think it is important to show that "the association" are people and not some unkown organisation.

In my eyes, the Coding Night at the T3DD09 was a great thing. I would love to see it again there at T3DD10.

Thanks for taking care.


comment #2
Gravatar: Peter Proell Peter Proell January 20, 2010 16:13

Nice feedback with that ICS/ICAL export idea! I will forward it to the extension developer. And yes, I will tell them that you have offered to do this integration ;-).

On there is already a link to the event calendar in the event section. I guess it will be integrated in when reorg is been done later this year.

Thanks for all the other feedback!


comment #3
Gravatar: Peter Proell Peter Proell January 20, 2010 17:09
Update: We found a host for our May boskoop meeting. Thanks a lot to!

comment #4
Gravatar: Peter Proell Peter Proell January 21, 2010 11:59
Update: Thanks to Sebastian Müller from the YouTube Channel will get filled these days!

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