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June 5, 2009

The Association on-site in North Germany

Category: Boarding, please

By: Peter Pröll

The Q&A sessions just before the last general assembly in Zurich showed that a lively discussion is vital for good cooperation and understanding in the community and within the association. So we decided to have more Q&A sessions and make them local.

The first Q&A session will be in Lübeck in Northern Germany on June 25th at 2pm in the Ohana-Lounge ( And we (that is the steering committee members and the board members) will be glad to answer your questions or even getting forward and making decisions.

Decisions? How does that work anyway? How does the association work and how is the association organized? Simple! The steering committee members decide on all major questions concerning the association politics. The board mainly is an executive authority, most of the work here is of administrative nature (some people actually like to call it the “boring board”). I will describe the process of how members of the board and steering committee members are appointed in some of my next postings here.

Anyway, the Q&A session is a big chance. For all members of the association to get in touch with steering members and the board people as well as for us to keep in touch with you (which is even more important, I guess). Additionally not only members of the association are welcome here, but all community members are welcome to take part and talk about the future of the association. So please take this chance.

If one issue is especially important for you then go ahead and write me a mail to info(at) and ask your question. This way we have the chance to make some research and prepare the answer.

There will be a second Q&A later this year in Karlsruhe in Southern Germany and if the Q&A sessions are successful we plan to have them all over the planet --- at least the next step will be to have them all over Europe and then all over the planet ;-).

For this time it will be the beautiful city of Lübeck. My personal travel tips connected to the Q&A:

There are plenty of hotels and hostels where you can stay. The official recommendation is the Scandic hotel. I booked myself a room in the CVJM hostel which is less expensive and also situated right in the center of Lübeck. Do some sightseeing in Lübeck on 26th and combine it with the „TYPO3 goes Kieler Woche“ event ( which takes place on June 27th in Kiel, just 80km away!

Of course if you are interested in sailing or you always wanted to try it, you also should have a look at where we will charter yachts and do the sailing ourselves. It will take place in late September. The plan is to leave Rügen, cross the Baltic Sea and go for a meeting with Kasper and the Danish TYPO3 user group in Copenhagen.

Back to the Q&A: I'd be really happy to meet as much of you as possible in Lübeck. Especially all the North Germany TYPO3 friends. This is an invitation to help and work in the association: Boarding, please!

CU there,

PS: Thanks for all the amazing feedback I got from my first posting here and I encourage you to leave feedback and questions. This blog is meant to be a bit like the virtual version of the Q&A sessions ;-). If I get to know what is of special interest for you, I'm going to write about it. Leave a comment here or send me a mail (peter(at)


comment #1
Gravatar: gina gina June 5, 2009 20:58
hi peter, i'm looking forward to meet u all there! what a great name for the location we're going to meet - ʻohana - this means 'family' in hawai'ian language. aloha gina

comment #2
Gravatar: pcmasters pcmasters June 27, 2009 23:27
Hey Peter,
as i see, i've passed the Q&A Session.
I wanted to ask you about the new tagging extension. We use tt_news on and wait till the new tagcloud extension is ready. Do you know more about it? "It" should be done untill the end of june.

I would be pleased about an anwser.

comment #3
Gravatar: Peter Peter June 29, 2009 18:08
@pcmasters: You have to talk to the extension developers then.

Background: The Association is supporting the development but we usually are not involved directly in development - at least not in development of non-core extensions. Best is to ask the according team / the according developer.

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