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April 18, 2014

CWG: April 14, 2014

By: Community Working Group

We agree that we communicate through a buzz account for the community working group. We will communicate every meeting we have as soon as possible.

The CWG discusses the open communiction style of the server team. We strive to be as open as the server team. The server team asks for feedback, has regular meetings, and publishes their activity on a regular basis.

Communication to the TYPO3 Association is an item on the agenda of the Community Working Group. Gina will keep in contact with Dominik Stankowski and meet him at the T3DD14 to enhance the contact to the Association and explain what our vision is.

Our mission: Finding better ways to work together (from Drupal) -

In that regard we should try to find ways to improve communication between teams and the broader community.

  • Internal and External Team Communication

    • Talk about the outcome or results of meetings

    • “More communication” is always better

    • How do we treat each other?

    • Direction has already been set with the communication workshop / marketing sprint and the coming workshops at T3DD14

    • Make this a topic for code sprints as well

    • Revive the values of the community by re-focusing on the Code of Conduct

  • Bring back the Bazaar (and Cathedral thinking into the community

    • We are a bazaar community, but what are the implications for us, for the teams and the community as well as its infrastructure?

  • “The personal itch” is vital to our community

    • How can we embrace this?

Matthias Schreiber's presentation on Communication during the Active Contributor Meeting (ACMA) -

An idea is to have a meeting with the other open-source communities, share pitfalls and ideas. Ben arranges a hangout with Drupal and Joomla community leaders about the topic “Coping with Community Growth” in the coming weeks. On top of that Ben will create a panel about this topic at the European Community Leadership Summit, May 9, LinuxTag, Berlin.

We agreed that the agenda for the meetings will focus on one specific topic of the above. The next meeting (scheduled for April 28, 2014 at 18.00) will be about “internal and external team communication”.

Let us know what you think and how we can strengthen community values in our community.


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