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October 15, 2010

Half time in the Code Sprint in Stuttgart

Category: Core

By: Ernesto Baschny

Second day at the code sprint in Stuttgart. Huge success, and the fastest RFC ever commited!

Steffen Kamper, Tolleiv, Susanne, Steffen Ritter and Benni

Steffen Kamper, Tolleiv, Susanne, Steffen Ritter and Benni

We started our day at 9h30, when one by one our developer friends arrived at the location at the Techologiezentrum. We started with a round of brainstorming about the main topics of the day, the general schedule and our team focus.

Using the newly installed beamer allowed us to share our work more often and visually with the whole team.

Jens left for a Phoenix team meeting which ended up during the whole morning. Until lunch we already had done lots of work. Again we had lunch at the Fraunhofer Cantina.

After lunch we did some overview of where we stand and the plans for the afternoon. We had a backend design team with Steffen Gebert and Lars working on usability improvements. Jo continued his work on the TCA cleanup, which we also discussed in a group using the beamer.

Some amazing stuff was done:

  • We reached the RFC #16000: Benni managed to get that historical number
  • The fastest commited RFC in history of TYPO3 RFCs: RFC #16004. Posted 18:44:20, +1 by testing and reading 18:44:27 by Steffen Kamper, 18:44:28 by Steffen Ritter and commited to trunk 18:44:53 by Susanne Moog to rev 9073 => 33 secs!
  • New TypoScript Object pending in the list: TypoScript cObject: FLUIDTEMPLATE!

See a list of stuff we commited to trunk during the Code Sprint.

In the afternoon, Jigal van Hemert had to leave us and had a long er trip home. Thanks for your participation, Jigal!

Some time later also Oliver Hader had to leave us. We took the opportunity right before he left to do a recapitulation about what was acchieved so far.

To replace the two losses, Sonja Scholz and Stefan Galinski arrived. Since we were still at work, they jumped right at it: The workspaces team formed quickly around Tolleiv, Sonja, with our "designer task force" Jens and Lars brainstorming about the new workspace module.

I write this article 1h45 in the morning, and via our live stream I can see that the last design guys just left the building. We'll have more fun tomorrow!


comment #1
Gravatar: Olivier Olivier October 16, 2010 11:40
You guys are rocking!

comment #2
Gravatar: François François October 16, 2010 12:12
Thanks for this progress report. Those code sprints are really the way to go. Keep it up!

comment #3
Gravatar: Kevin Kevin November 3, 2010 21:34
Nice job, keep those records coming!

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