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August 24, 2012

Support the Namespaces Conversion in TYPO3 6.0

Category: Core, TYPO3

By: Christian Kuhn

This is the current status on integrating PHP namespaces for TYPO3 6.0 and why we need your help on that.

Hi everybody,

the recent news article on the new release date of the first beta version of TYPO3 6.0 already mentioned the task of converting the current class scheme to use PHP namepsaces.

Status report of the current situation

We've merged the main namespace patches yesterday. Currently, the backend loads again (in not case sensitive filesystems), and we are working hard on fixing issues.

The merge freeze is still active, but it is allowed to push + merge namespace related issues!

We're currently in a critical phase and the reason to not merge anything else is that we might need to revert the whole thing again after the weekend if we're unable to stabilize enough.

Our Goal

We want a stabilized core until the end of the weekend, and call for help to fix any issues.

The new structure

We have three new extensions: core, backend and frontend. The new namespace for all classes is below \TYPO3\CMS\'extensionName'.

Working mode

We have a 'parent' issue to collect all issues. Every patch should get its own issue number, and 40095 should be set as parent. If you push to gerrit, please use 'namespacing' as topic and please set the following information in the commit message:
Resolves: #xy
Related: #40095
Releases: 6.0

We've merged all of the *big* patches, but there are plenty of obvious things we need to do. Please check out current master and start testing and debugging, there are currently lots of fatals that need to be done.

Thomas Maroschik has commit rights in the core right now. Thomas and Christian will be online in skype for coordination and we will try to merge patches quickly.

We need your help!

We have tons of things to do. Any help is highly appreciated! If you want to help the core to come up in 6.0 with a cool namespaced class scheme, now is your time to shine! Please help to take care of fatals and core extensions that do not come up, yet.

We have currently three systematical issues that we will handle with other big patches:

  • Arrays are missing a comma after the last element (cgl cleanup, later)
  • // comments are not indented with a <tab> anymore (cgl cleanup, later)
  • There are lots of new parenthesis in the code, especially in if conditions and in string concatenations. They are semantically identical to the versions before (they do not break anything), and we will probably clean that up with a bigger patch when we find time.

Everything else can be done with smaller patches, that need to be done one-by-one.


Christian Kuhn
on behalf of the TYPO3 6.0 Release Team


comment #1
Gravatar: Julian Kleinhans Julian Kleinhans August 24, 2012 12:55
I cloned the TYPO3 Core and checkout the 4.7.4 tag.
In this Tag the extbase extension has already namespaces so that it ends with an exception

comment #2
Gravatar: Philipp Gampe Philipp Gampe August 24, 2012 17:35
@Julian $git submodule update --init

comment #3
Gravatar: September 14, 2012 07:18

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