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April 23, 2012

Extbase 4.7 is here ...

Category: Extbase

By: Felix Oertel

Together with TYPO3 4.7, Extbase 4.7 will be released today. (hooray!)

Thank you !

Per usual, the community rocked quiet some code and we got some pretty things done. Following is a list of the four most interesting features the Extbase Team ships with this release. I want to especially thank all the guys who took place in the first Extbase Codesprint in Flensburg. They got quiet some stuff done, awesome!

Of course I also want to thank all the other guys, commenting and voting in gerrit, sending patches, taking care of the issue tracker and telling the Extbase Team how great it is. Keep doing it!

We managed to get just one (!) breaking change into this release. At it's really a minor thing.

[!!!] BREAKING: Changes in Signal / Slot implementation

A registered slot now gets the signalInformation (classname::name) set as last parameter in the arguments array by default. You will end up with an array with one more item than in Extbase 1.4, if you have not set this third parameter. You can avoid this by setting passSignalInformation to FALSE in your connect()-call.

CommandController as SchedulerTasks

It's now possible to let your commandController be run as scheduler tasks. See for more information.

Object-aware Debugger from FLOW3

It always was hard to debug Extbase objects because of their depth and recursion. With this release the object-aware debugger from FLOW3 was backported. Just use Tx_Extbase_Utility_Debugger::var_dump() instead.

DI works without inject-methods

You can now use @inject annotations at your protected properties and the objectManager will take care, even without the inject-method. Please notice that this works through reflection and might be slow! Please profile your code or use inject-methods for now.

Shorthand syntax for foreign validators

You can now use foreign validators without giving the hole classname. Just use @validate YourExtension::Foo and Extbase will try to find Tx_YourExtension_Validation_Validator_FooValidator.


With the last codesprint and the TYPO3 devleoper-days 2012 we really got speed into Extbase development again. We are planning some cool stuff for our 6.0 release, like re-working part of the persistence (for compatibility and performance) and switching to namespaces.

If you want to get involved, please don't hesitate to mail me! We are looking forward to your contributions ... and now have fun with our latest release !



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