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October 8, 2012

Extbase Code Sprint in Hamburg

Category: Extbase

By: Sacha Storz

Extbase code sprint in HH, Germany, Oct 11 to Oct 14...

The Extbase Team will have another code sprint this week in Hamburg, Germany. Its main purpose will be working through the issue tracker and do some serious cleaning up. On short notice you could still participate if you are into Extbase and take part in the sprint Ocotber 11 - Sunday, October 14.

All information about the Hamburg sprint is to be found on the according wiki page If you want to participate spontaneously – remotely or on site – let the Extbase know by dropping a tweet or mail to Felix Oertel, Anja Leichsenring or @extbase on Twitter.

Work will be organized Kanban style on a public Trello board which you could have a look at up front or during the sprint, if your interested. If you want to follow the code sprint on Twitter please search for the hashtag #ecs12hh – and if you tweet about it too of course!

Sponsorings are still welcome, so if you wanna throw in a couple of Pizzas or Gummi Bears, do not hesitate to contact the Extbase Team!


comment #1
Gravatar: frank frank October 15, 2012 11:23
will there be any report on the results of that sprint :) ?

comment #2
Gravatar: Markus Markus October 27, 2012 23:32
Hi Frank,

because of the illness of some attendees we had not that progress we had expected, but we worked a lot on the namespaces in extbase and migrate the blog_example to a namespaced extbase extension.

I have to ask Sascha for a report about the results.

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