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April 15, 2012

Extbase Team Restructuring

Category: Extbase

By: Felix Oertel

Read, what's going on to get extbase rolling ...

For quiet some time now, the Extbase Team struggled from team structure, member fluctuation and missing interaction with both FLOW3 and TYPO3 v6. At T3DD12 we managed to finish the ongoing team restructuring and finally find some answers on the most pressing issues.


First of all, the hole team wants to thank Patrick Lobacher for his engagment as teamleader. Even though he was just leading us for about six months, he brought some important points to our attention. While he will resign as teamleader for personal reasons, we know for sure, he will support the team where ever possible. We wish him all the best with his freshly merged company typovision.


Next up I want to thank all the people who spend their time at T3DD12 talking to me and try to find solutions to our problems. The Extbase Team really got a lot of motivation and strength out of this developer days, as both major teams showed their support. We really appreciate that.


After all the warm words, here come the intresting changes:


Christian Kuhn will join the Extbase Team and act like a bridge to TYPO3 v6 like Sebastian and Bastian do for FLOW3. By that we will drastically increase communication and make sure to get the best out of the core-Extbase-symbiose. Welcome Christian ...


We also set up the low-traffic mailinglist/newsgroup typo3.teams.extbase. I will invite the Extbase Team as well as the teamlead of TYP3 v6 and FLOW3 to discuss compatibility- and release-questions. This is also the place for team-related announcements, meeting protocols and orga stuff like the codesprint invites. Everyone is invited to read that group, while the developer-quiestions will stay in typo3.projects.typo3v4mvc.


Sacha Storz will join the Extbase Team and support us in writing and communication. We know we lack skills (and/or motivation ;-) ) in documentation, so we hope, we will finally manage to address that. Of course we don't want to let Sascha to do all the work (he is more like the manager) so if you want to help with documentation, get in touch! Welcome Sascha ...


Last but not least, I will take over from Patrick and be the new Extbase Teamleader. I was responsible for codesprints, technical implementation and budget before. I will take care of the different groups we are forming around certain topics and coordinate their outcome. I am thrilled to get Extbase development running and acquire new contributors. We have a lot of good ideas and I am looking forward to make them happen.



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