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November 9, 2012

NEW: Extbase and Fluid are checked by

Category: Quality Assurance

By: Andy Grunwald

Since quite some time the TYPO3v4/v6 master branch is checked by our Continuous Integration server Jenkins. Every single patch request, which is pushed into our review system Gerrit will be checked against different tests. The result of these tests occur as "votings" from "Mr. Jenkins" in the patch request.

The TYPO3 core extensions "extbase" and "fluid" are stored in separate git repositories. These extensions are connected to the TYPO3 core with the submodule technique of Git.

This circumstance causes that new patch requests are not automatically checked by Jenkins (as Jenkins only had a look at one Git repository per job).

We (the quality assurance + server team) created four new Jenkins jobs:

But what does it mean?
This change means that every patch request which created for TYPO3 Extbase or TYPO3 Fluid is checked by Jenkins now.

The new jobs were tested at existing patch requests:

For Extbase:

For Fluid:

If you find bugs, a missconfiguration (like a missing code sniff), or something similar please be so nice and open a new ticket at our CI bugtracker.

Have fun with Jenkins and have a nice day :)


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