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January 16, 2010

Security Team annual Leadership Vote: Helmut Hummel confirmed, Andreas Förthner elected

Category: Security

By: Andreas Förthner

Today I would like to present the results of the annual voting of the security team leader. Helmut Hummel has been confirmed by the team members and has accepted his election for the year 2010. Helmut already did a great job as the security team leader in the last four months, after he took over from Lars Houmark. The team has been very active since then: A lot of extension issues could be handled, a whole bunch of TYPO3 core fixed has been organized and implemented and new members have been invited to the team.

The next year will bring a lot of challenges for the team, being a lot of extension issues to be solved, the development of the incident handling system (IHS), hardening the TYPO3 core with new security features and of course the security of TYPO3 5.0 will be a great topic. Especially because of 5.0 will bring a lot of new concepts and probably a completely new view on TYPO3 security I am very happy that the team decided to elect me as the second team leader. I'm going to share the security team leadership with Helmut in 2010 and will be mainly responsible to 5.0 security work (i.e. the FLOW3 security framework that will provide the main security technology for TYPO3 5.0). This includes further development on the FLOW3 security framework and the preparation for the future challenges the security team will face once 5.0 is out.

I am happy that we have two leaders for the security team, as we are not only able to share our workload, but are also able to lead the team in regards of today's and tomorrow's security.

We're all are looking forward to an active and inspiring year of security work in 2010.


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