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December 13, 2011

Inspiring people to collaborate..

Category: Server Admin Team

By: Steffen Gebert

Announcing the TYPO3 notes server based on Etherpad Lite

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Motivated by the same needs like last week's announcement of TYPO3's web conference server, today's service announcement brings a tool for collaborative writing.

Meeting notes are often created in the TYPO3 community in order to provide transparency towards interested parties or to keep team mates that missed a meeting up to date with the decisions taken. Etherpad is the tool of choice for collaborative editing. Using a browser as interface, all participants can see changes made by others in (near) real time. No need to exchange Word documents, no risk to overwrite each other while simultaneously editing a wiki article.

For longer time TYPO3 people used the free services of - until the site went down. Without announcement and without any chance to make backups, the documents dropped out of the cloud. In the meantime (long time after), there is the acknowledgement that all data has been lost.

In order to avoid such data loss in the future, the TYPO3 Server Admin Team is proud to announce an own Etherpad server, reachable under

We are using Etherpad Lite here, which is more actively developed and has an even more promising future. Detailed reasons, why it is preferred over Etherpad full and what the differences are can be found here.

We want to thank Thomas Maroschik for setting up this service!

Happy writing
Your TYPO3 Server Admin Team


comment #1
Gravatar: Philipp Gampe Philipp Gampe December 13, 2011 13:47
Thanks a lot... just created my first pad :)

I guess most teams meeting notes can now be found here :)

comment #2
Gravatar: François François December 13, 2011 15:26
Great news. Thanks a lot!

comment #3
Gravatar: Martin Martin December 13, 2011 15:58
Nice news, thanks for this post!
Inspiring people to share ;-)

comment #4
Gravatar: Jonas Jonas December 14, 2011 12:40
Great Work! Thank you!

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