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November 17, 2013 Code Sprint November 2013 Report

On the weekend of November 8-10, the TYPO3 Server Admin Team met in Hamburg for discussion, hacking and socializing.

Category: Server Admin Team

October 2, 2013 Which are top 10 extensions you need on TYPO3 Neos to get started?

Hrishikesh Lele asked lately on the linkedIn Neos Forum: "As TYPO3 Neos is coming closer to version 1.0 we need extensions which can support real world website needs. "Here is my answer to it:That is a really good...

Category: TYPO3

October 1, 2013 Something Neos III - The content elements new clothes

Assigning new templates to existing content elements

Category: Florian Weiss

September 22, 2013 Server Admin Team: Half-year report 2013/1

Actually very late-caused by several holiday absences-you find in the following our report about the things going on in the Server Admin Team in the first half of 2013.

Category: Server Admin Team

August 7, 2013 Awesomeness of Open-Source

Open-Source is more than a buzzword!

Category: Georg Ringer
By:Georg Ringer

August 6, 2013 TER Extension upload

extension_uploader possibilities

TER changed Many people recognized the new conditions for uploading extensions into TER. You always have to set the dependencies to an actually supported TYPO3 version. This is a good thing to hide extensions which will not...

July 28, 2013 Release of Media 1.0

It is time to get out of the woods and tell a little bit about the progress of Media as we are releasing version 1.0.0. I have been working quite intensively on the extension recently and I am sharing this work with the hope it...

Category: Media

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