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October 14, 2010

Code Sprint for 4.5, Day 1

Category: Core

By: Ernesto Baschny

Our first day on the Code Sprint was a big success.

Gimme 4.5!

Gimme 4.5!

Part of the team at work

Part of the team at work

One after the other the participants arrived at our Code Sprint at the location in Stuttgart:

Benni Mack and Olly Hader came in the morning to also prepare and discuss the days to come with Ernesto Baschny. Later on came Lars Peipmann (a new participant in our core development, welcome!), Jigal van Hemert and Tolleiv Nietsch. Shortly before lunch, Ingmar Schlecht and Steffen Kamper arrived.

We moved our going on discussions to lunch time in the Fraunhofer Institut Cantina. Shortly after lunch time Steffen Gebert arrived together with Jo Hasenau. Later also Jens Hoffmann and Andreas Wolf completed the round for the day.

We split up in teams, one working on Backend Usability issues, for example the TCA cleanup. Benni and Tolleiv took a deeper look into the UTF-8 by default project, which already has a finished patch and just needs more testing.

Lars Peipmann worked on some core issues pending in the lists, supported by Benni, Ingmar, Ernesto and Andreas. Lots of smaller discussion rounds touched several topics. Benni worked on several issues which are already in the core list (some pending stuff commited). Ingmar found a bug in an commit he did 4 years ago and wasn't noticed until these days. He will be filling a RFC about it soon.

Olly as usual was the all-rounder that welcomed discussions on every topic.

Jigal and Ernesto talked about the new mail API based on SwiftMail. Ernesto then started the implementation, which is already working. As a test case, he converted the "test scheduler task" to use the new API to send its mail. It works. Now it needs to be made configurable. Jigal will try to extract the remaining methods from t3lib_htmlmail which are not mail related (extracting from HTML, fetching URLs etc) into dedicated utility classes, so that we can declare t3lib_htmlmail deprecated.

Tomorrow (friday) we will start at 9h30 with a discussion round. We'll do some reviewing action and split up again for a very productive second day. Our friends Susanne Moog, Lars Zimmermann and Steffen Ritter will join us and enhance our team work.

We had a very good catering bringing sweet and salty stuff and all drinks. This allowed us to concentrate on our issues without having to worry about it.

Overall the team spirit and motivation was very high! We will continue rocking the days to come.

Stay tuned for more information! Follow our work in Twitter, we use the #t3codesprint hash tag.


comment #1
Gravatar: Thomas \ Thomas \"Thasmo\" Deinham October 15, 2010 00:49
That sounds great - keep it going!

Best regards,

comment #2
Gravatar: ben van \'t ende ben van \'t ende October 15, 2010 01:05
Rock on guys and girls!

comment #3
Gravatar: Gry Gry October 16, 2010 18:52
I'm keeping my fingers crossed

comment #4
Gravatar: Lars Lars October 18, 2010 20:08
Hier gibt es Handys mit Vertrag

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