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October 4, 2009

Updated TYPO3 4.x Coding Guidelines

Category: Core

By: Francois Suter

An update to the TYPO3 4.x Coding Guidelines was released yesterday. This short article highlights the main points.

Coding Guidelines (CGLs) are not written in stone. They evolve and improve over time, especially in a period of high activity (like getting TYPO3 4.3 ready). So what's new in this updated version?

  • localization: rules for using localized strings were missing. The define to do's and dont's for localized strings regarding their definition, the use of sprintf() markers and some general considerations about locallang files;
  • booleans: rules for booleans were absent in the previous version. This has been corrected. Booleans should strictly use uppercase language constructs, i.e. TRUE and FALSE;
  • class names: conventions for PHP class names have been added. Please refer to the manual for details;

Advice for setting up the NetBeans IDE has also been added.

We hope you will appreciate these new guidelines and find them useful in your work.


comment #1
Gravatar: Klaus Strör Klaus Strör October 24, 2009 00:07
Hello Francois,
thanks for Guidelines and the quick intro. I send the documentation to our coding team.

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