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October 14, 2010 Code Sprint for 4.5, Day 1

Gimme 4.5!

Our first day on the Code Sprint was a big success.

Category: Core

October 13, 2010 We need more slaves (Hudson CI that is)

As some of you have seen at this years TYPO3 Conference improving code quality seems to be a starting demand in our community. Christian Trabold teamed up with the guys from the core team to widen the base of aware TYPO3...

Category: Olivier Dobberkau, Technology, TYPO3
By:Olivier Dobberkau

October 8, 2010 Correct usage of TYPO3 database API

Check your own code for correct usage of TYPO3 database API in LIKE comparisons!

October 6, 2010 Wanted: forums on

You might remember a time long ago when all mailing-lists were also available online through (which looked quite different back then)....

October 6, 2010 New limitations in jumpUrl feature

While fixing a vulnerability in the jumpurl feature, some restrictions have been additionally created.

Category: Security

September 22, 2010 Backend-Navigation in TYPO3 4.5

Since alpha2 there is a new backend navigation. The frameset was removed completely and the way the iframes are addressed has been changed. Sure, the old calls still works as there is a compatibility layer, but you should use...

Category: Steffen Kamper, TYPO3, Core

September 3, 2010 TYPO3 goes UTF-8

With version 4.5 TYPO3 switch completely to UTF8. As a first step, all files are UTF8-encoded now (in trunk). There was a mixup of encodings before, and we want to have one encoding for all files. Be sure to prepare your IDE for...

Category: Steffen Kamper, TYPO3, Core

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