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February 4, 2011 New way to plug in Extension Manager

As you may noticed, there is a new GUI for the Extension Manager. The application is based on tabs, where each tab holds an own application. Normally you plug in as submodule like the kickstarter, then you get a new entry in the...

Category: Steffen Kamper, Core, TYPO3

September 22, 2010 Backend-Navigation in TYPO3 4.5

Since alpha2 there is a new backend navigation. The frameset was removed completely and the way the iframes are addressed has been changed. Sure, the old calls still works as there is a compatibility layer, but you should use...

Category: Steffen Kamper, TYPO3, Core

September 3, 2010 TYPO3 goes UTF-8

With version 4.5 TYPO3 switch completely to UTF8. As a first step, all files are UTF8-encoded now (in trunk). There was a mixup of encodings before, and we want to have one encoding for all files. Be sure to prepare your IDE for...

Category: Steffen Kamper, TYPO3, Core

June 7, 2010 Using Cache in Extensions

TYPO3 comes along with great cache. It's used in core at many places to speed up calls that need time to calculate and are used often. This cache can be very useful in own extensions for the same reasons. Usage of cache is very...

Category: Steffen Kamper, TYPO3, Core

March 23, 2010 Javascript (ExtJS) Development with Eclipse

Core has many Javascript built in, also the count of ExtJS parts raise for future releases, v5 will have a complete ExtJS backend. So having the right tools is very important. here i show you a possibility of tools collecton....

Category: Steffen Kamper, TYPO3, Technology, Core

January 13, 2010 Render custom preview from extension

There exists a hook which allows to render a preview of extension, but noone use it. This has to change!

Category: Steffen Kamper, Core

December 21, 2009 TYPO3 4.3 Treasure Chest

There are some tiny features that might be hidden. Let's have a look to 2 tiny but very useful treasures ;)

Category: Steffen Kamper, TYPO3, Core
By:Steffen Kamper

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