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October 6, 2010 New limitations in jumpUrl feature

While fixing a vulnerability in the jumpurl feature, some restrictions have been additionally created.

Category: Security

July 31, 2010 Beware of problems when upgrading Front End User Registration to version 2.6.0

The TYPO3 Security Team has become aware that upgrading TYPO3 third-party extension Front End User Registration (sr_feuser_register) might cause problems with a security impact.

Category: Security

April 8, 2010 Use of Common Vulnerability Scoring System in TYPO3 Security Advisories

The TYPO3 Security Team intends to use CVSS for TYPO3 Core Security Bulletins in future. Learn what CVSS is all about and how you benefit from it!

Category: Security

March 7, 2010 Preannouncements - no general use for TYPO3 advisories

The TYPO3 Security Team has decided to not use preannouncements in general. This is an explanation why we stick to the current procedure.

Category: Security

January 16, 2010 Security Team annual Leadership Vote: Helmut Hummel confirmed, Andreas Förthner elected

Today I would like to present the results of the annual voting of the security team leader. Helmut Hummel has been confirmed by the team members and has accepted his election for the year 2010. Helmut already did a great job as...

Category: Security
By:Andreas Förthner

September 12, 2009 Security team: Change in team leadership

Helmut Hummel - the new team leader of the TYPO3 security team

The TYPO3 security team has elected a new team leader: Helmut Hummel is taking over from Lars Houmark.

Category: Security

March 11, 2009 Secured version of a21glossary available in TER

After having published bulletin TYPO3-SA-2009-003, the TYPO3 Security Team has been contacted by the extension owner who provided a security fix for that issue.

Category: Security

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