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April 3, 2011 [Coding] Doing Filename Checks Securely

Recently a security issue in TYPO3 has been fixed, where it was possible to circumvent checks, which should ensure file names to match specific patterns (e.g. denying .php file extensions to be uploaded or renamed to). As...

March 7, 2011 Incident Handling of TYPO3 Core Issues

The TYPO3 Security Team has decided to partly handle TYPO3 Core Incidents publicly by the standard Core Review Process.

Category: Security

January 26, 2011 TYPO3 4.5 LTS: Extbase/Fluid features and improvements

With TYPO3 4.5 LTS, a new version of Extbase and Fluid is shipped, which contains several major features like Dependency Injection and Fluid Widgets. This article gives an overview about the improvements in Extbase and Fluid,...

Category: Core, TYPO3

January 24, 2011 TYPO3 4.5 LTS: Prepared queries are the way to go!

Prepared queries are now part of the TYPO3 database API. The API is mostly based on PDO's method naming and currently supports SELECT queries. Read on to learn how to take advantage of this enhanced API for your own extensions.

Category: Core, Xavier Perseguers
By:Xavier Perseguers

January 24, 2011 Getting ready for 4.5: changes in CSH for FlexForms

If you have designed an extension which uses FlexForms and have added CSH to that form, you need to make a tiny change for TYPO3 4.5. Read on.

Category: Core
By:François Suter

November 17, 2010 TYPO3 4.5 will be the most secure TYPO3 version ever.

The upcoming version 4.5 will include a form protection for improved security.

October 15, 2010 Half time in the Code Sprint in Stuttgart

Steffen Kamper, Tolleiv, Susanne, Steffen Ritter and Benni

Second day at the code sprint in Stuttgart. Huge success, and the fastest RFC ever commited!

Category: Core

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