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November 22, 2012 TYPO3 at Universities

During the last two days, I had the opportunity to participate in a meeting of a special type of TYPO3 users: German universities.

Category: Steffen Gebert

March 11, 2012 30 beers for your convenience

Thanks to generous sponsoring during this year's Bug Auction at T3BOARD, logging into's sub-sites is now more comfortable.

December 28, 2011 A retrospect of half a year as Server Team member

A picture of the TYPO3 Server Admin Team

I am a member of the official TYPO3 Server Administration team since the Developer Days this year. With this article I not only want to look back, but also share some insights in what we are / I am doing in this team.

December 21, 2011 Profiling TYPO3 with XHProf

There occur situations when your TYPO3 is awful slow and you have to figure out, why this is the case. Using a PHP profiler is the heavy hammer to gain the insights you need in this case.

Category: Steffen Gebert

April 3, 2011 [Coding] Doing Filename Checks Securely

Recently a security issue in TYPO3 has been fixed, where it was possible to circumvent checks, which should ensure file names to match specific patterns (e.g. denying .php file extensions to be uploaded or renamed to). As...