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September 18, 2009 The cHashes just got longer

In TYPO3 4.3 cHashes will use full-length md5 hashes instead of TYPO3's famous "short md5" hashes. Why and what impact does it have?

Category: Core
By:Francois Suter

September 12, 2009 Security team: Change in team leadership

Helmut Hummel - the new team leader of the TYPO3 security team

The TYPO3 security team has elected a new team leader: Helmut Hummel is taking over from Lars Houmark.

Category: Security

August 14, 2009 News from T3CON preparation: looking for Video sponsors – ticket prices change after August 31st

During the T3CON the talks will be recorded on video by Kasper Skårhøj and the video team. A great opportunity to present your company to a wide audience is the video sponsoring! Also: watch out! Ticket prices will change after...

Category: Boarding, please

July 28, 2009 Early birds catch ... tickets for T3CON09 & great hotel accommodations ... before THIS Friday, 31st!

T3CON09 Frankfurt

If you are quick, you can still be an early bird and pick reduced prices for the T3CON09 in Frankfurt. And you get best prices for accommodation directly at the conference hotel!

Category: Boarding, please

July 9, 2009 T3CON09 Site is a

Finally the T3CON09-Website is launched. It took quite a while. The reason: it is already in a whole new design!

Category: Boarding, please

July 6, 2009 New TYPO3 4.x Coding Guidelines

It's been a long wait, but they are finally here: brand and shiny new coding guidelines!

Category: Core
By:Francois Suter & Michael Stucki

June 30, 2009 Raising money to make TYPO3 rock!

TYPO3 is Open Source and free software. Even though it needs money to make TYPO3 rock! Read the news from the latest "Steering-Member-and-Board-Conference" (CoS-CoB) in Luebeck last week.

Category: Boarding, please

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