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September 28, 2006

Land of Opportunity

Category: Daniel Hinderink, TYPO3 Daniel Hinderink

By: Daniel

More websites don't run a CMS at all, and more run Open Source CMS's then proprietary ones. Too good to be true? Look west!

In a recent study by SitePoint Pty Ltd. and Ektron, Inc. polling about 5000 web developers a view on the US market surfaced, that is quite different from that published in similar surveys on the german market. While usage is not mapped to commercial users vs. private users, it seems fair to assume that web developers will mostly work for the first rather than the latter.


What it boils down to, is that there is still a majority of customers that have no CMS whatsoever. If that doesn't change your marketing message, what is? once more for the breach! (or something more western-like)


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