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Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Søren Andersen, I'm 21 years old, from Denmark. Normally I don't do blogging, but I decided it would be a service to the community of TYPO3, since it will give me the opportunity to write about the things that I spend hours on making work. During the development on some personal pages:, and (all danish) I have allready encountered tons of things that I could write about. Hopefully you'll find my posts useful.

July 2, 2009 Charset issues between iso-8859-1 and UTF-8 on Ubuntu

I was given the task of moving a clients website from a development server to a live server. The servers were located in two different companies, and therefore they didn't have the same configurations. That proved to be a...

Category: TYPO3
By:Søren Andersen

October 8, 2008 Making a ticker with TYPO3 and the eID

Lately I have played a bit with the eID feature of TYPO3, which is very neat when you want to do something with AJAX. I found another way of using the eId in combination with TYPO3's graphics library

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3

March 30, 2008 Watch out when you use 404 errorhandling

Some people like to show a nice 404 error page to their users, preferably with a dynamic sitemap, so the user can find his way back to the actual webpage. So did I, until I discovered something that added to my expenses each...

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3

February 20, 2008 Conditional content elements

Sometimes you would like to have two content-elemens on the same page, but only one of them showing at the time. When you want to show one of them when a user is logged in, it's no problem, but at other times it's not possible. I...

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3

February 19, 2008 Inserting content elements in the RTE

Have you ever been working with an extension, where you would like to include some content element on the page where the plugin is displayed? Yesterday I wanted to know how I could do that, so I decided to find out.

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3

January 11, 2008 Link directory plugin almost done

As the title says, the plugin for administrating a link directory is almost done. I have mentioned this project earlier, where I announced that I needed a developer... well, I found one!

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3

December 11, 2007 SQL injection in TYPO3

Yesterday I received an email stating that indexed_search is voulnerable to SQL injection by backend users in version 4.1.3, which was the one running on my server. First of all I appreciate the security team very much, the work...

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3
By:Søren Andersen

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