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TYPO3 according to a non-coder

Can I skype with this thing?

0 lines of code is what I have contributed to the TYPO3 project. So here I am trying to share with you some of the thoughts, marvels and downright idiocies from a perspective that is decidedly that of a non-coder.

I apologize for any offense, inconvenience, heartbreak, headaches, snowboard accidents, vague unfocused angst, aberrations in musical taste, unexpected drops in barometric pressure, doubts about yourself or your co-workers, hand sores, sexual dysfunction, unwanted celebrity, or distant howling on the very edge of your range of hearing that this may cause.

February 5, 2008 Making a model

In a previous post of 2006, I wrote about the need to make the client understand the logic of what the information system you are building is about. This time I give some suggestions on how it's done.

Category: Daniel Hinderink Daniel Hinderink
By:Daniel Hinderink

October 31, 2007 The Daily Malice

Suffering from mistaken goodwill is the fate of the open source believer - tales from the throne of agony

Category: TYPO3

July 14, 2007 Size does matter, but it's not always a good thing.

Why large organisations are doing a bad job so often. And how to survive external project management while servicing them.

Category: Daniel Hinderink Daniel Hinderink

June 18, 2007 What's so special about T3BOARD08

next years snowboard tour will be open for registration shortly. A few things will be different about it, which I'll try to point out here.

Category: Daniel Hinderink Daniel Hinderink

June 4, 2007 Meet Kasper

What's so special about Kasper - thank you's and observations from a heavily biased source.

Category: Daniel Hinderink, Personal Daniel Hinderink

April 3, 2007 ToDo-list 2007/2008

Make note to brain.

Category: TYPO3, Daniel Hinderink Daniel Hinderink

January 24, 2007 T3BORED? Never!

Behind the scenes of organizing the snowboard tour.

Category: Daniel Hinderink, TYPO3 Daniel Hinderink

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