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Thinking in TYPO3

Hello TYPO3 community! I am the majority partner of Cast Iron Coding LLC, a web development agency located in beautiful (but rainy) Portland, Oregon, USA. I've been working with TYPO3 for nearly 4 years now and am the author of the now eclipsed chc_forum extension. At Cast Iron Coding, we've recently started building up our "Admin's Corner" section, which contains short articles that aim to help experienced and inexperienced TYPO3 developers and content editors. My goal is to cross-post some of those articles here, as well as my general thoughts and reflections on working with TYPO3. In addition to TYPO3, I'm also interested in English Literature (working on finishing up a Ph.D. in English; writing my dissertation on 17th century poetry) and instructional technology.

June 23, 2008 TextMate Bundle: TYPO3 Extension Development

Check out Cast Iron Coding's TextMate bundle aimed at making life easier for TYPO3 extension developers.

Category: Zachary Davis, TYPO3

May 15, 2008 Dynamic Caching in TYPO3

When we build social networking sites, we often run into cache-related issues. Read on for a discussion of how to use authentication services to accomplish more dynamic page caching in TYPO3.

Category: Zachary Davis

January 13, 2008 Sanitizing FE input in TYPO3

With social networking all the rage, clients want more display of frontend input. Turns out that parseFunc is a good tool for sanitizing the input.

Category: Zachary Davis

October 8, 2007 WYMEditor for TYPO3

For the past couple nights I've been hacking away at integrating WYMEditor into TYPO3. For those of you who don't know, WYMEditor is a new RTE that aims to produce semantically correct XHTML output by focusing on what editors...

Category: Zachary Davis

October 4, 2007 Producing HTML / CSS for TYPO3 templates

We often get clients who want to deliver HTML/CSS templates to us, which we then implement in TYPO3. I'm pretty sure this sort of workflow is common among TYPO3 developers, as it's been reflected in the documentation as far back...

Category: Zachary Davis
By:Zach Davis