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July 16, 2009 Making of the tutorial

Documentation is really a phenomenon. It's surely the least attractive task for a developer. However, I often made the experience that once you got into the flow it can be quite fun and looking at the finished text may give you...

Category: Robert Lemke

May 14, 2008 FLOW3 related talk at Dynamic Languages World 2008

For those of you who couldn't attend the TYPO3 developer days and are around Karlsruhe end of May, the Dynamic Languages World might be a chance to get into some interesting development topics.

Category: Robert Lemke, Planet TYPO3

April 17, 2008 Channel Two on TYPO3 TV

You love the TYPO3 podcasts? You're curious about FLOW3 and TYPO3 5.0? Then subscribe to Channel Two on TYPO3 TV - Robert's Podcast.

Category: Robert Lemke, Technology

January 22, 2008 Exceptional usefulness

Probably many of you know that feeling: You're working with a product like TYPO3 and you've got a great idea for a new feature. A very small one, would probably easy to implement and is that sort of would-be-cool-if-we-had-that...

Category: Robert Lemke, TYPO3

January 22, 2008 UNKNOWN3

This year started really powerful - currently more people than ever are working in the TYPO3 5.0 team and we've got our hands full with exciting tasks. Sounds revolutionary? Well, there's something in the air at least, as some...

Category: Robert Lemke, 5.0 Development Team, TYPO3

January 1, 2008 Happy new year!

Hey, a happy and exciting new year 2008 to all of you! Julle, his wife Miriam, my wife Heike and I just returned from a Silvester (new year's eve) party here in Lübeck - boy we walked a lot! I just wanted to send you my best...

Category: Robert Lemke, Personal

November 12, 2007 Five on back on Five

After this year's Zend Conference (8.-11.10.2007) some of the PHP core developers more or less surprisingly decided to postpone the release of PHP6 until at least end of 2008 and backport most of the new features to the upcoming...

Category: Robert Lemke, TYPO3, 5.0 Development Team

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