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September 26, 2012 TYPO3 Core Budget Application 2013

As the current Budget Manager of the TYPO3v4 Core Team I submitted two budget applications to the TYPO3 Association for use by the Core Team in 2013. During the T3CON there will be a 15 min slot for me to present...

Category: Ernesto Baschny

February 20, 2012 TYPO3 Core Budget 2012

To provide a more transparent view for the public on how the T3A finances parts of the TYPO3 Core work, we would like to present to the public how we plan to spend the allocated money during 2012.

Category: Ernesto Baschny

December 12, 2011 TYPO3 4.5 LTS and Backports

This article is about backporting features and additions that appeared in newer TYPO3 releases into 4.5 LTS. It won't cover backporting of "bug fixes".

Category: Ernesto Baschny

January 28, 2011 Personal Thanks

This one is my personal thank you message to all the people that helped in the journey to the first LTS version of TYPO3 (4.5).