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December 7, 2006

We're only in it for the ...?

Category: Daniel Hinderink Daniel Hinderink

By: Daniel Hinderink

Ever wonder why you waste your time with TYPO3?

Wait a minute... have we met?

There is even research on why YOU (yes, I mean you) spend time (friendly version) in front of the screen more than is absolutely necessary. Most of it comes to conclusions that are:

a.) plain obvious, but somebody had to get a degree and the professor was glad to get rid of them, even if it was by graduation

b.) mildly innovative in ways that describe you (yes, I am still levelling at YOU) in a most craftfully disguised form of derogativeness. (That means they think you are a jerk and they use science mumbo-jumbo to make it look more convincing. As if you both didn't already know since time immemorial.).

I am just letting you know, so next time somebody asks you to fill in a questionaire on your relation to TYPO3 and you have this vague feeling like an ape staring at the kids trying to make you behave more like an ape on the other side of the bullet-proof window, you'll know that feeling is spot-on.

Welcome to being a subject of science.

Never mind,


PS: If you have asked yourself who that babe in the back is rather than how long Kasper's beard has grown again all through reading this, you are probably male and also safe and sane and well at home in mainstream culture. How's that for a release?

PSII: this does not count for those sorry souls that think "babe" refers to Peter!


comment #1
Gravatar: Ingo Ingo December 8, 2006 06:33
lol, so I'm ok =)

comment #2
Gravatar: Holger Levsen Holger Levsen December 9, 2006 14:41
Hi. Could you please make the full text of the blog posts available via rss?! This is extremly annoying for people reading offline, i.e. with rss2email.

Thanks & regards,

comment #3
Gravatar: Daniel Daniel December 11, 2006 18:28
read my lips: non-coder. Can you say that again, so I understand what you want?

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