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May 19, 2015

Something TYPO3 and Neos X - Building Bridges

Category: Florian Weiss, TYPO3

By: Florian Weiss

Although one could have speculated on whether or not it would eventually happen - the news hit like a truck: "TYPO3 project focuses on TYPO3 CMS, Neos to start its own community".

The T3A started an ambitious attempt to drive a revolution of our beloved TYPO3 CMS which eventually resulted in the development of Neos and the system was presented as member of the TYPO3 family. After the release if became obvious though, that Neos wasn’t going to replace TYPO3 CMS, but accompany it – offering a wider choice of options for customers, depending on the particular needs of a project. Eventually the Association and Neos decided, that this choice will not one be made inside the TYPO3 family, but that Neos will separate from the project and take organization into its own hands.

Face the shadow

Such a big announcement results in many responses, some of those using the opportunity to burn bridges, sometimes showing their support with a form of enthusiasm that I’d deem to be going in the wrong direction.
Why would I waste my time telling you what some system or teams can’t or couldn’t do when there is such a potential bright future ahead for your system(s) of choice?

TYPO3: Unbroken – Still in love with you!

Congratulations! Your system of choice had the foresight and the braveness to dedicate a fundamental amount of resources into the future. While the original plan of creating a successor did not turn out as expected – TYPO3 did benefit from the project (Extbase anyone?) and nowadays experiences a significant drive in development and improvement – as one can see in TYPO3 7.

Selecting TYPO3 CMS as the one and main focus of the T3A, customers will now be able to clearly differentiate between options and still recognize TYPO3 as the strong and established brand it always was – continually driven forward by a dedicated core team, the product owner Mathias Schreiber and an awesome community.
Rock on – Inspire people to share!

Neos: Goodbye to Yesterday - Time to shine!

Awesome! Your system of choice has a solid PHP Framework as base (Flow) and was originally initiated and driven by one of the best Open Source CMS institutions in the world.
The base product not only allows for impressive showcases of in-place editing, but offers a node approach with its own query language.
Moreover recent presentations already promise a lot to come in future months. You are invited not only to participate in the community – but also to help shaping it.
Get inspired –  get ready to COPE!

Here for You

No matter if you decide to put your focus on TYPO3, Neos or both – there are valid points to decide for either of the systems depending on your projects needs – two great products sharing the same heritage, a love for driving Content Management forward and a dedicated, open and friendly community.
Customers might not be as involved as you regarding the recent events and perhaps do not possess the same knowledge level as us developers and integrators. Let them know that this has been a coordinated move of the T3A and Neos and that your system(s) of choice is going strong into the future.


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Gravatar: Dominique Feyer Dominique Feyer May 20, 2015 10:38
Nice article, thanks for sharing, you have a really nice vision of the current situation.

I think both product have now really great opportunities, let's more in the future vision.

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