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March 15, 2013

Back to San Francisco - T3conNA

Category: Marc Infield, TYPO3

Well we are getting excited to have the TYPO3 brain trust back in SF for the 2013 North American TYPO3 conference. The goal of this conference is to share what is extraordinary about TYPO3 with North America: Extraordinary software, an extraordinary community, and most of all, the extraordinary people that make up the community. We hope you can make it and help us make it a success.

For all who were able to join us at the last San Francisco TYPO3 conference, we are looking forward to seeing you again. And for those who didn’t, please join us this time! 

In planning the 2013 conference, I naturally think back to how far we’ve come since our last San Francisco gathering. In many ways it feels like the community is maturing, both the software we all love and the organization around it. It is an extraordinary time. 

The San Francisco conference is also growing and changing. We have new location, which I would call it historic but in comparison to some of the of European TYPO3 conferences...let’s just say it has some history. We will have the entire building, so there will be less running around; and overall it will be a more productive, social setting, with more rooms for breakouts and to kick back and share ideas with the TYPO3 community.

We have also something unique planned for the social event, which will prove to be very San Francisco. Go over to the site and see for yourself and pick up a ticket while you’re there!


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