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September 5, 2007

DirectMail 2.51 released

One year has passed since TYPO3 conference 2006 where I spoke about the status of DirectMail. Last Friday we finally uploaded the current Version to TER.

Many Months of Work are behind us. Ivan who has mostly done the rewrite has got his Diploma on this. The grade was as excellent as his coding work: A.

We have received a lot of possitive feedback during the long beta stage. Jan-Erik handed over the extension key to me saying: i trust you that this is production grade.

And now?

I will try to come up with a BOF Session at TYPO3 conference where the coming steps could be evaluated. Some potential sponsors need to be convinced to put some money into the next steps. A plan needs to be developed.

All in all very promising.

We just have started to clean up a little bit in the bugtracker. So now its the chance to contribute with patches and ideas.

But please stay patient with us! This project needs time or donations. Best all of both.

Drop by at the Wiki to read about coming steps. Send us your thoughts.

See you at the TYPO3 Conference in Karlsruhe.



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