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November 21, 2012

Friends in open-source

Category: Olivier Dobberkau, Personal, TYPO3

By: Olivier Dobberkau

Lately i was sitting with some friends that i met thru times in our TYPO3 Community. We spoke about the things that made us join the TYPO3 Community and found out that we were surprised not only to find answers to the technical aspects, but also other questions around or live.

I suddenly realised that we are blessed to work around a thing that inspires us not only technically, but also in other aspects. Thinking about this in relation to the current changes and discussions around the TYPO3 Community made me feel good about it.

I see that we need to be more open to those that come from the outside. This is our task in the teams. Take the time to take off our insiders view that we have aquired thru the years and remember the questions about the error messages you saw while installing TYPO3. Think of how you tried to get those answers from the mailinglists or how you scraped search results for the one hint. Remenber of the respect you felt for those giving you an answer for your question.

TYPO3 Community has transitioned in the last 10 years. Lots of people joined and made their way thru it. Some left footsteps and contributed back. Many made friends at the different events. The product changed. It made its moove to a maturity that others would like to have. New projects are on the horizon with potentially more people seeking entrance to our Community. We all should take care of opening all doors and minds to new friends.

Looking forward to your "friendship" story in the comments.



T3BBQ in Quebec, Summer 2012.



comment #1
Gravatar: Mathias Schreiber Mathias Schreiber November 21, 2012 13:16
Friendship stories... I love the idea.
A while back I met a guy called Peter at a T3-Dev meeting in 2003.
A little later I met a guy called Rupert at a snowboard tour.
By today, they are not only my partners in a company, but also two of my closest friends and we share a lot of recreational activities and enjoy life.

Also, I never would've explored the wonderful sport of snowboarding if there wouldn't have been Kasper's idea to do a tour and Jan-Hendrik who forced me to go boarding (by contract :)).

comment #2
Gravatar: gina steiner gina steiner November 21, 2012 15:46
oh i found a lot of friends in the typo3 world :-D. i remember the first time i met a bunch of typo3 enthusiast in 2003 and i thought: hmmm, if there is a group of such nice people i have to stick around - there might be even more of them ;-). and this is what happened: there are lots of them, all over the world!
recently i got in touch with the new asian community, it is simply stunning.
and some of the "typo3 people" are really good friends by now. at the moment for example one of them is staying in my guest room, since his flat is not ready yet. seems like he will also be around during december. in addition two other typo3 friends will (independently from each other) visit me on thursday and stay over night. i'm sure we will have a lot of fun and good conversations.
last week a guy i met on the typo3 asian conference (he lives in peking) was here in hamburg and we met - it was so amazing when he contacted me: hey gina, i'm in hamburg in mid of november, do you like to meet? YES, definitely - i'd love to!!!
i can't go on with such stories and i want to thank typo3 for making this possible!
i'm all with you that we have to be open and we should always enhance this - even if this is complicated from time to time.
btw: you have pic from the bbq in québec? oh you have to send them to me!

comment #3
Gravatar: Olivier Dobberkau Olivier Dobberkau November 22, 2012 16:01
Hey Gina. Steffen made a massive set of T3CON Quebec here:

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