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August 28, 2014

My current thoughts on the TYPO3 Association

By: Olivier Dobberkau

no this is not the TYPO3 Association!

Last week while on my way to a TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day those tweets were written by me. I put them here, so that you can find them in one place:

What's the TYPO3 Association doing you might ask?  We are working to bring all involved together. Developers, agencies, users, press and so on.

Communication is the hardest task. As everyone has a different preferred communication channel and information level.

In the meantime we work on our relations to our members, projects and the service offerings for them.

I consider our biggest task to create an agenda that will prepare us for the upcoming changes in the fields of our product range.

Education will be a great cornerstone such as also helping people to express their motivation to contribute to the ecosystem.

I am in favor of a culture that is clear about its values and common interests while maintaining an inclusive and diverse spirit.

All in all we must be able to answer the clear question: why is TYPO3 the best community for content management. How are we relevant?

Join us with your ideas. Ask for help. Offer your passion and dedication. You will be rewarded in so many ways.


Olivier Dobberkau aka T3 Reverend Neverend

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