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December 23, 2011

My (TYPO3) wishlist for 2012

Category: Olivier Dobberkau, TYPO3, Personal

By: Olivier Dobberkau

TYPO3 colored Sunglasses.
Chris, Olivier & Ben on SF Asbury Haight Street Fair 2011.

2011 was a great year for the TYPO3 Community. It saw numerous releases in the 4.x branch and we witnessed the birth of our longly awaited Framework FLOW3. Community & Business Events filled our agendas: We jetted all over this blue ball to meet old friends, to make new ones and we created a lot of ties between us and this open-source ecosystem.

Personally I enjoyed my first TYPO3 conference in the US where I was lucky to have very deep talks with Ben and my travel mates from dkd. Dancing with TYPO3 Geeks in a San Francisco Irish Pub with Live Music was a real great moment. I still laugh loud thinking of that song we payed with euro to be played by the musicians.

There was no month in this year without a TYPO3 Event. Barcamps in Germany attracted a lot of new people to TYPO3. Hopefully this can be a nice way to bring those people closer to our great community. France and the Netherlands had their own community events initialized by individuals which I think is a great way to make TYPO3 the community you want to be.

On the Association side we are looking forward to have more participation by its members so that arguments about joining the TYPO3 Association can be turned into Memberships. It will be serious task to distribute the work among the people in this changing scenario. I hope we all we manage it in a constructive and sensible way. Join the Association to be part of it!

In 2011 the TYPO3 community introduced a new way of contributing translations to the project. Language helps to identify yourself with the product. I really like this feeling when an idea turns right and people start to follow its direction and add value to it.

What are my wishes that I have on my mind?

I hope for a stronger Community with ties in between the different projects and levels of knowledge. Our motto describes our mindset: Inspiring People to Share. This means to discus solutions to problems ranging from objects and classes to market requirements and competing solutions. It means also to welcome new people and teach them the product and the spirit we all love.

Introducing a new product like FLOW3 and following the development of Phoenix shall not create a split within our rows. Those joining the TYPO3 Community because of FLOW3 are invited to have a look at TYPO3 4.x too. Get inspired to adapt the good foundations in it and tackle the bugs you see in it. Don't forget that you can create new thing by learning from the old. Let us try to be a community of this knowledge.

I am looking forward to 2012 as a year with new exciting opportunities and chances. Technical progress will continue to happen and we are all building it by being a part of it.

Looking forward to meet you all again in 2012.

Stay healthy!

All the best for your partners, kids and families!


comment #1
Gravatar: Patrick Gaumond Patrick Gaumond December 23, 2011 21:49
My wish for TYPO3 in 2012 is to put together a T3CON in Québec City as interesting and cool as possible with people from Europe, North America and the whole Planet.

The conference will be as exceptional as the people attending it and presenting so make sure to prepare your Summer vacations with T3CON12-QC in mind... June 13th to 15th should be amazing and different.

See you there Reverend!


comment #2
Gravatar: Olivier Dobberkau Olivier Dobberkau December 23, 2011 22:08
Dear Patrick,

I am sure that the conference will be a great success! I started to save some pennies to add some more days in lovely canada next year! Travel broadens the mind.

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