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May 10, 2007

BE user delegation

Category: Patrick Gaumond, TYPO3

By: Patrick Gaumond

Another extension that made my day: tc_beuser !

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Extension key: tc_beuser

This extension gives you a new module in the left frame and it makes it possible to give rights to someone to manage BE users even if they're not Admin of the TYPO3 installation.

In other words: BE users delegation in TYPO3 !

The extension lacks documentation but it's very easy to setup if you have minimal T3 knowledge. I don't have tried all the features but mainly you can let:

  • Import FE users
  • Create new users/groups and assign BE Groups to them
  • Modify existing BE users/groups
  • Create or modify Filemounts
  • Get a nice overview of groups and users settings

All in all, a great addition to TYPO3 installations with multiple sites and where you want to delegate BE users management to each subsites.

Cheers to Ingo Renner and DKD for providing such a nice addition.

Am I alone thinking that such functionality should go into core ?

In case you didn't know, there's a great wiki page just for that kind of suggestions: Extensions for the core !



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