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May 16, 2009

DAM Assetsets: new project on forge

Category: Peter Kuehn, DAM

By: pekue

After our talk about DAM on t3dd09 in Elmshorn quite a few people asked me to publish the demonstrated "DAM Assetsets" - out now on forge.

DAM aka DigitalAssetManagement is the solid, stable and realy usefull solution for you, if you want to keep track, organize and sort your files under TYPO3.

Imagine a situation where you want to build sort of a press media center. Then you might have not just the logo or an advertisement as a singular asset - youll have an eps, tif, high res pdf, whatever variant or maybe even a zipfile containing the psd plus the needed fonts.
All these assets have the same theme - they form what weve decided to call an "assetset".

Building those sets of files, categorise and describe them are the main features "DAM Assetsets", that we showed during our talk at the t3dd09, provides.

Even if its in a realy early stage of developement its out on forge now as requested by some of you.

Go, check the screencast or get your copy out of svn, play with it and let us know, what you think about the approach.






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