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February 8, 2010

Splitting the Tweets, Framework for TemplaVoila and T3CON10-Dallas

Category: Ron Hall

In addition to my busynoggin twitter account I am now adding a second account, typo3ron, for TYPO3 specific tweets. Here's why.

This is a year where I plan to use more social networking. As I have thought through the Twitter aspects of my social networking I have realized that I have two different audiences who are interested in very different tweets from me.

  • Audience 1: Clients, site owners, ad agencies, design firms and front-end coders.
  • Audience 2: TYPO3 developers and enthusiasts

Audience 1 is interested in tweets on general web development and front-end coding. Things like SEO, designer resources, my favorite JavaScript lighboxes, etc.. This audience doesn't have the context to understand my tweets on TYPO3 development. They certainly have a use for TYPO3 and may have me build their sites with it but have no interest in a tweet about optionSplit or a stdWrap property.

Those in Audience 2 really want dialog revolving around TYPO3, its code, how to learn it, how to promote it etc. They are often also interested in my work on with TemplaVoila templating (TemplaVoila Framework).

Therefore, I am now operating as two Twitter accounts. My current account (busynoggin) will concentrate on general web tweets: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SEO, etc. The new second account (typo3ron) will concentrate on TYPO3 tweets.

That doesn't mean that I will not mention TYPO3 on the Busy Noggin account. I will, but when I do the tweets will be of interest to a general audience. Once in awhile I might post the same thing in each account, but almost all of the tweets will be unique to one account or the other.

I expect many of those following me will want to subscribe to both accounts, but if not then they will have an option. 

Finally, if you are following me now and your primary interest is TYPO3 then you will want to also subscribe to typo3ron.

A note on the Framework  for TemplaVoila

There are nice changes coming in TemplaVoila 1.4.2 which all those working with that extension will appreciate. These changes will also be of benefit to my Framework for TemplaVoila efforts which a number of you are following. I expect this framework approach will be available as an extension in the next couple of months. Also, I got the redesign of my company site launched on the framework.

Last day for T3CON10-Dallas Presentation Submissions

Today is the last day to submit a talk or tutorial for consideration for T3CON10-Dallas at So if you want to be considered as a speaker get your submission in today.

Ron Hall
Busy Noggin, Inc.


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