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Adventures in TYPO3

Hi, my name is Ron Hall and I'm a web developer living near Dallas, TX.

My intention in this blog is to ramble about what I have discovered in my TYPO3 adventures and in so doing I hope to provide some help, perspective and maybe even humor to others on their own TYPO3 journey. I will talk about people I have connected with, resources I have found, give typoscript examples and recommend extensions.

If you get a chance I invite you to visit my main blog at It contains all of these posts and more. Plus all the posts are categorized for reference.

January 15, 2007 Spam Protecting Your TYPO3 E-mail Addresses With a Special Twist

With a little adjustment in code you can improve TYPO3's capabilities in obscuring e-mail addresses.

Category: Ron Hall, TYPO3
By:Ron Hall

January 10, 2007 Making Sure Content Elements Show and Hide at the Proper Time

When I first started using the show and hide fields, my content elements and pages did not always appear and disappear when I thought they should. Sometimes they would work as expected and sometimes not. Let's say I edited an...

Category: Ron Hall
By:Ron Hall

January 3, 2007 Why I seldom map CSS files in TemplaVoila

I moved to TemplaVoila templating earlier this year in order to take advantage of FCE's and local processing in individual templates. I originally connected my CSS files using the "Select HTML header parts" feature of TV....

Category: Ron Hall, TYPO3
By:Ron Hall

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