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August 4, 2008

New on forge: Newsgroup viewer

By: Sebastian Kurfürst

Did you already see It's a great platform for reading the TYPO3 newsgroups online, and now, it is usable from within forge as well!

Thanks to Steffen Kamper, is evolving more and more - I really like the platform for reading our newsgroups.

Today, I worked on integrating with forge - so now, every project admin can enable the newly created "newsgroup" module in the module list, enter a newsgroup name, and then, the newsgroup is shown on forge.

Check it out!

By the way - I currently have semester holidays, and I will work nearly full-time on forge for the whole August! So expect some great things to come there, including an improved project navigation, Continuous Integration tools and many many bugfixes.

If you have some suggestions or some stuff that bugs you, just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.



comment #1
Gravatar: Bastian Waidelich Bastian Waidelich August 5, 2008 09:39
Hi Sebastian,
this is great stuff, thanks for your efforts!
One question: when you say "enter a newsgroup name" do you mean an existing newsgroup or could you create your own newsgroup just by entering a new name?

keep up

comment #2
Gravatar: Charles Coleman Charles Coleman August 5, 2008 14:18
Thank you so much for your hard work. Anything that can enhance support of user extensions is a good thing. I have also been enjoying the newly founded as well.

comment #3
Gravatar: Tim Eilers Tim Eilers August 5, 2008 20:54
This does not work on IE7 yet (i hope nobody is using it *g*), but i gave tipps to Sebastian to get it working.

comment #4
Gravatar: Charles Coleman Charles Coleman August 12, 2008 20:29
Awesome move Sebastian! The forge site is really beginning to take shape.

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