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August 29, 2006

Single-Signon for

By: sebastian

Single Signon? What?
Single-Signon (=SSO) provides possibilities to use the same username and password to log in in different systems. We want to use single-signon in a way that users are automatically logged in into the bugtracker when logging in to
Of course we needed to provide a way to provide an upgrade path from the "old" bugtracker account to Single-Signon. That's why we added a new module "Merge accounts" to mantis, making it possible to migrate old users into your newly created account.
At the weekend, we implemented permanent login for TYPO3 core, and we will use this feature on, as people were used to that feature in the bugtracker.
We spent the last evenings to test all our modifications and single-signon, the upgrade of, etc. Everything works as expected, that's why we are going live tomorrow evening.
I am pretty confident it will all run smoothly, but when working with such big installations, I will still be happy when everything worked as expected.

Stay tuned!


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