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October 6, 2010

Wanted: forums on

By: Sebastian Kurfürst

You might remember a time long ago when all mailing-lists were also available online through (which looked quite different back then)....

We need your help

However, this feature did not survive a relaunch -- but the demand was always there. Some time later, Steffen Kamper put online, which also was a web-based view of all the newsgroups. However, because we did not manage to maintain this, this is still offline until now.

However, we'd like to offer a web interface to all our newsgroups on, so that people who do not want a news reader or are behind a company firewall are able to interact with the other people in the TYPO3 universe.

Sadly, we're missing the appropriate software to do so. That's why we ask you: Do you know a web-based frontend for newsgroups, or also a forum with a newsgroup connector?

Ideally, it should support posting of messages to the newsgroup as well, and if it costs some dollars, we might be able to find them.

If you don't know such a software, but are a PHP developer and want to help out to get Steffen's solution up and running again (and implement posting to newsgroups), don't hesitate to contact us either!

You'll find us at admin(at), you can reply to this blog post or write to the typo3.teams.typo3org newsgroup.

Together, we can get up and running again!

Sebastian Kurfürst
and the whole TYPO3 Server Admin Team


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