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January 11, 2008

Link directory plugin almost done

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3

As the title says, the plugin for administrating a link directory is almost done. I have mentioned this project earlier, where I announced that I needed a developer... well, I found one!

It was incredible to see how many actually read my project description for the link directory plugin. I ended up receiving two mails from companies, who wanted to make the plugin. I choose a company names Krendls ( Current status is that the plugin is being tested for bugs, but it's almost done. Most of the features mentioned in the project description are implemented for the first release. The guys at Krendls have done an awesome job and I'm sure they are as excited as me about the first release.

In a few days when the plugin is ready for use, I will set up a website for the plugin, where the extension and dependencies can be downloaded. The plugin is based on lib/div and tx_categories, as lib/div has just reached alpha and tx_categories not alpha yet, there can be some future problems about compatability. While setting up the website for the plugin, I will write the documentation and hereafter release it to the TER for all of you to download.

Hopefully alot of people will benefit from this plugin, and perhaps a lot of new ideas and add-ons will emerge as time goes by. I'm excited! But you knew that allready.

Keep your eyes open, I will announce the release here on the blog, when it's time.


comment #1
Gravatar: georg georg January 17, 2008 03:46
Soeren, cool news!
I especially favor the concept of tx_categories, as being used globally;
only whish: availablility of tx_categories depending on pagetrees / be_groups / or subcategories or best: any combination thereof;
looking forward your links extension;
regards georg
PS: pls. change to

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