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Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Søren Andersen, I'm 21 years old, from Denmark. Normally I don't do blogging, but I decided it would be a service to the community of TYPO3, since it will give me the opportunity to write about the things that I spend hours on making work. During the development on some personal pages:, and (all danish) I have allready encountered tons of things that I could write about. Hopefully you'll find my posts useful.

November 1, 2007 lib/div developer WANTED!

I'm very eager to get started with my link directory plugin. But I must admit that I don't have the time for this project. Therefore I'm in need of a developer who can program this extension, it's a paid job!

Category: TYPO3, Søren Andersen

September 3, 2007 Plugin for administrating a link directory

In my first blog post I spoke about categorization and mentioned that I'm planning on making a link-directory plugin in the lib/div framework. This post elaborates that.

Category: Søren Andersen, TYPO3

September 1, 2007 Categorization in TYPO3

The subject of categorization in TYPO3 has puzzled my mind countless times. The problem with making your own categorization is, that you disable alle the build-in content elements because your categories are on 1 page only.

Category: Søren Andersen

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