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July 27, 2011

One word, a thousand meanings!

Category: Søren Malling

With great thanks to Dominique Feyer, we have a new and fantastic translation platform! Let's help our self to get a high translation quality! We all deserve it!

This is how your BE will look after enabling labels. Don't use in production!

This is how your BE will look after enabling labels. Don't use in production!

The secret configuration setting!

The secret configuration setting!

EM settings in EXT:translationhelper

Find/read the labels from the Pootle platform

Find/read the labels from the Pootle platform

EM settings in EXT:translationhelper

In case you haven't read the news regarding the new translation server, please take your time and do that, before reading on.

Done? Good!

One of the difficult tasks, I've personally found, during translation, is to find out if my wording really fits the actually label. Does the wording really match the meaning of that particular textfield, radio button, checkbox etc.?

Sometimes translating just happens by "guessing" where in TYPO3 this label is found. Sad to say, but label names are not always as describing as they could be!

In order for you to get a better view of what labels are used where, and in what file can I find them, the new extension translationhelper will help you.

Enable the the "Show label" settings in the backend and reload the backend. You will then see the labels for each and every string that is taken from a locallang file, using functions from the language class (getLL, getLLL etc.).

The project is maintained at forge.

If it happens, that you find some hardcoded labels, please be so kind and add them to the wiki

and create a issue for the TYPO3 Core Project

Happy translating, it have never been easier!


comment #1
Gravatar: Steffen Gebert Steffen Gebert July 27, 2011 11:53
Amazing, thanks for this useful tool! It was really a bit horrible before.

Just an idea, what about wrapping the label in a , placing the key in some HTML5 data-whatever attribute and let ExtJS render a tooltip for that? Don't know, if this would work out for every label. And of course, it would require more changes than just to activate language debugging.

Just in case that you have too many spare time ;-)


comment #2
Gravatar: Frank Frank August 3, 2011 16:38
Without good translations it would be difficult for such powerful content manangement like typo3 to show the quality of the software all throug. Because if the translation not fits exactly the users don't know intuitive to use the forms and many more the right way. There is a big importance for translations. Many Thanks for the translator Dominique Feyer :-)

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